Improving your search engine optimisation (SEO) 

Consciously working on your websites SEO is important for a number of reasons. Below we will look into some of the ways that having a successful and well planned strategy can improve your website and add a boost to your business. Having a website rank higher on Google is different to using paid advertising as SEOs are based on organic reach.  

Produce great content 

When people type their query into Google the search engine attempts to list what it believes to be the best websites first. Google does this by attempting to find the website that will satisfy the user most. It will choose websites that produce consistent, high quality content so any website looking to improve their Google ranking needs to push regular and well thought out content that will encourage readers to linger on your page, this in turn alerts Google that your content has value.  

Use keywords 

Using keywords or phrases is important for drawing in your target audience. Consider the words a customer might use in a search engine and incorporate them into your page, but be careful not to overuse keywords as this will have a negative impact on your SEO efforts. Also, consider how your keywords draw in your target audience. If you’re a boutique marketing company but are using the keyword free on your website, consider whether the customers coming to your website for free information will actually end up converting to sales.  


When Google categorises your website and analyses the content it does so by searching through its metadata. Examples of this data include search engine title, website description (SERP), keywords, copyright and event dates. You can use tags as a way of highlighting which sections will provide what types of value. The metadata needs to be relevant to your website and not designed to trap readers, the more accurate your metadata the more likely your desired consumers will end up on your page further prompting Google to promote your website.  

Understand your consumer 

As with every other aspect of your business an understanding of who your consumer is and what they are searching for is imperative to improving your Google rankings. You need to understand what frame of mind they are in when searching online and what words they would be using, when you have an understanding of where they are coming from you can work on fitting into the equation and improving the ranking of your website.  

Google tells us that 63% of all website traffic is from organic reach so work on your SEO strategy, follow these steps and your website can begin moving up the ranking and reach more consumers.