Customer Service IS the new Marketing



Customer service IS the new marketing


In the past or should I say traditionally, customer service and marketing exist in two different universes. In the past, when the marketing team developed a new product or service, they put it out and hope that new customer will be attracted to it. Customer service on the other hand is generally dealing with existing customers and to provide services to maintain the long-term commitment to the company.

However, in this digital age, we are experiencing rapid changes to the marketing sector. Many major companies are leaning toward to providing a better customer service experience as part of their brand image. Apple provides excellent services and experiences throughout all their platforms, Amazon has the most ease of use when comparing to other online shopping websites, and The Ritz-Carlton company even has its customer service made into books.

Nowadays, whenever new products or services are launched, there will be similar products or services that emerge in a short period of time. Customers have a lot more choices than before. So, making customer service the focus of your marketing strategy can actually attract new customers to select your products or services over other competitors while maintaining existing customers’ loyalty.

A study from SuperOffice1 in June, 2021 shows, out of 1,920 business professionals surveyed over the next 5 years 45.9% will prioritise customer experience the most. 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. To support the first point, a blog post at HubSpot2 “The State of Customer Service in 2022” also indicates 85% of service professionals agree that customers are more likely than ever to share positive or negative experiences with others.

We all very familiar with friends and family sharing their experiences with a company, whether it’s online or in person. If marketing is an activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and the society at large. Then word of mouth is the fastest and most effective way of doing marketing. In this new age, customer service represents word of mouth. In conclusion, customer service IS the new marketing.

Written by Kuna-Yu Lan

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