Creating quality content in 5 effortless steps 

Written by Emma McAnelly 

Creating quality content across your socials is important. Creating content that lacks quality is as useful for your business as not bothering to create anything therefore it is worth taking time to slowly consider what you are trying to say, and who you want to say to. Quality content is important because it will transfer to higher conversion rates for your business and a higher chance of creating regular visitors to your socials.  

i. Appearances are important  

It is important that everything you create is forward thinking, nods to modern trends but does not follow them and has an ease to it. By creating content that is visibly appealing it will immediately help to pull in your target audience. Each sector has its own trends and current styles. By making sure that you keep up to date with current trends you will be able to cherry pick and blend those trends with your brand identity. One of the best places to seek these trends out are Pinterest, Instagram, and webpages from businesses in similar markets. Remember copying is not quality and although it may bring clients in initially it will eventually turn them away when they find out your work is inauthentic.  

ii. It is not about you 

When creating quality content, you must work backwards. Start with your ideal consumer and what they need. What problems they have in their lives that need solving and how the content you create can impact their lives. Creating only for yourself is not the best way to draw an audience in when you are trying to offer someone else something valuable. The easiest way to work out what your audience is looking for is to do a keyword search to see what topics they need information on or help with. By creating a foundation from research and evidence you will find it a lot easier to create content your consumer will view as valuable. Looking on SEMrush and Google Analytics can help with keyword research.  

iii. Be reliable 

Although the content you create needs to be entertaining that ought not to come at the expense of your brand’s integrity. It can be tempting to create content that is scandalous and mendacious. Creating this type of content can be shortsightedly successful but your brand will forever be tarnished with the brushstrokes of being untrustworthy. By creating content that can be quoted and backed up by research will ensure that people continue to share and direct people to your content. Quality content ought not to serve hidden agendas.  

iv. Educational  

We are living in an age where you can learn anything you want online and for free if you are determined. Your content should be educational and not be gate kept behind a pay wall, as there are many other platforms that will offer the information you offer for free. Making money from your content can come in other areas of your business. Brands that offer free educational content are often able to still have paid content either from reader conversations or affiliate marketing. Educational content also needs to be relevant in the time that it is created, with the rapid rate at which the internet and our world is changing it can be an innovative idea to set time aside to reevaluate past content or to place warnings on the content that it is old and links to updated creations.  

v. Your platform matters 

The best way of ensuring your content will strike a chord with your consumers is by working in their preferred format whether that’s blogs, Pinterest Boards, or Instagram feeds. You can incorporate several of these social accounts but the way the information is formatted across these platforms will change dramatically depending on where it is posted. Make sure that you are tailoring your information for each platform you intend it to be viewed on. 

There is no doubt that quality content takes work and will require both research and time to perfect. However, by keeping these points in your mind when beginning to inform an audience the ring of authenticity that is layered through your work will strike a chord with your chosen audience providing both you and them with a meaningful point of reference for future endeavours.